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Best Chicago Moving FAQ

We realize that moving home or business is not something that most people do on a regular basis and that you will have many questions concerning your move. As one of the most reliable and affordable moving companies in Chicago we have compiled the following list of the most Moving FAQ (asked questions). To find out more information do not hesitate to contact us…

At what stage do I need to call a moving company?
As soon as you have made a decision to move. If possible we would prefer to have four to six weeks’ notice of the date of your move so that we can accommodate your requirements. We normally ask you to provide alternative pick-up and delivery dates although we will do our best to fit in with your dates if you have no flexibility on dates. There may be an extra-cost for this depending on the circumstances.

What is a binding moving estimate?

As the name suggests, a binding moving estimate is a precise cost of the service that is required at the time the estimate is drawn up. It will not change unless additional services are requested. A binding moving estimate will be valid for a specified time only, usually up to 60 days.

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Is there a best time to move?
Our preference would be that you avoid the summer and the holiday period at the end of the year. This is because these times are traditionally the times when most Chicago affordable moving companies are at their busiest. At other times of the year we might be better able to fall in with your precise requirements in regards to timing, etc.
The main thing is to contact us as early in your planning as possible. For affordable moving companies, Chicago doesn’t have many moving companies who can compete with us and the sooner we know of your plans the sooner we can allocate resources and help to keep your costs down.

Does it take long to move?
This question is hard to answer as there are so many variables to consider with every move. Some of these include the time of year, the distance you are moving, the size of the move, etc. A definite schedule for your move can be prepared once we have all the information we need to consider.

Is a moving company “licensed?”
Long Distance Moving companies should hold a Certificate of Authority to move household goods among any and all of the 50 states. This certificate is issued by the US Department of Transportation “1738940” and Illinois local movers should hold IL-CC”137660”  to provide in state household goods moving service.

How is the cost of my move calculated?
The basic cost of your move is determined by the actual volume or weight of your goods and by the distance of the move. The weight can only be determined once the goods are loaded and weighed although a binding moving estimate can be given before that takes place. There may be other charges incurred such as a cost for any Coverage and for packing and unpacking services additional to the standard service.

What is meant by a tariff?
A tariff is simply a list of the costs of the various services offered and the terms under which those services are provided. Our tariffs can be supplied upon request.

When is payment required and how do I pay? / Moving FAQ
All charges should be made before the goods are unloaded at their destination unless prior arrangements have been made. We can accept payment by the following methods: cash, money order, cashier’s check, credit cards (by arrangement).

Do you have any cover against loss or damage to my possessions? / Moving FAQ
We absolutely can. Please call us for a detailed explanation 847-470-9900.

Do you have any facilities for temporary storage?
Yes. As one of the most affordable movers in Chicago we have a modern climate controlled storage facility where your belongings can be safely stored until you are ready to have them delivered. The charges for storage are not included in the moving cost.

How do I pack my household appliances?
Large appliances such as washers, dryers, freezers and refrigerators need to be emptied and may have to have motors secured. They all need to be disconnected prior to being moved.

Should I pack my own china, glass, and other fragile items?
We would recommend that you request us to do this for you as we have the necessary packing materials and experience to pack your fragile items quickly and securely. If you wish to pack them yourself, we have provided some free boxes you can pick from our location.

Can clothes or other items be packed in drawers or chests?
It’s okay to pack lightweight items such as shirts, blouses, underwear and blankets in drawers and chests. Please be aware of the problems inherent in moving chests of drawers that are filled with heavy items or items that are loose.

What about moving jewelry and other valuables?
We recommend that you keep personal items of value in your own possession and do not include them in any packages for removal. It may be possible to accept items of value but arrangements might have to be made regarding proper insurance, etc. Please talk to us if you want us to pack items of special value.

Do you carry house plants?
We are happy to carry them in local moves only but we can accept no responsibility for them. They are moved at your own risk. In interstate move its illegals for moving companies to transport any livestock’s, planets, or any pets

Do you carry pets?
Unfortunately we cannot move pets. Most people prefer to transport them in their own vehicles to avoid any distress.

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Best Chicago Moving FAQ

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